So you've lived in St. John's all your life. Some things are easier to get used to than others. Like when you finally find a parking spot after looking 5 minutes — we both know dreams like this don't come true in downtown St. John's. You get used to the fog horn blowing all hours of the day, or the casual skipper stumbling home from their walk of shame. 

While some of these things fit into your daily routine there are other occurrences that are a little harder to adapt to. If you are living in St. John's then you know what I'm about to list. If you're new to the area then you're in for a real treat.

The fog

Fog as thick as pea soup!” One of the most well known sayings in St. John’s. See it rolling over the hills and into the harbour. Sometimes it gets so thick you can only see a few things in front of you. It's a nightmare for driving during the day and even worse in the night. Talk about grey skies - St. John's has a lot of them.

Downtown parking

...Or lack thereof. Downtown is always a fun adventure, with lots of shops to check out and tons of restaurants to grab a bite. But the worst thing about downtown St. John's is finding a parking spot. Especially if there's a function going on. Helpful tip: always allocate at least half an hour to finding parking and then another half hour to walk from your car to your destination. 

Downtown one-way streets

The worst spot for beginner drivers and the best place to get flipped off. If you're going the wrong way someone will let you know for sure. You'll either be screamed at or honked at. Whatever way you figure it out, there's no denying that downtown driving can be a total headache. 


Its no secret St. John's has some of the roughest roads in Canada. Potholes the size of yoga balls. Some of them will fill your rubber boots! Newfoundlanders are experts at fixing flat tires - NASCAR could use a few of us on their team. No matter what time of the year it is, a pothole will find you.

Thomas Amusements

Newfoundland's very own traveling amusement park. Set up in only a few days but totally safe, although there have been some interesting stories. It comes every year to a few locations across Newfoundland but somehow you're still doubtful of how safe the tornado and tip top actually are — but you try it anyway. 

Metro bus

Waiting for the bus can be an interesting event. The people watching makes for some pretty entertaining stories. The ride there can go one of two ways: really boring or the complete opposite. For anyone who rides the bus on the regular you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

The harbour

The beautiful harbour, or known to some as "The Bubble." Where huge ocean shipments come in, cruise liners graze the shoreline and questionable items float to the surface. The perfect spot to see if your tetanus shot is up to date. 


The biggest gulls you've ever seen hang out by the docks downtown. They are loud, proud and stand out from the crowd. They have guts of steel and eat almost anything. They will risk their life for a McDonald's fry and look fearless doing it. Oh and their favourite day is garbage day. 

Online delivery

When you order something online and it takes eons to arrive you must be living in St. John's, Newfoundland. There is a shred of hope that you'll actually get your package on time, but we all know it doesn't happen that way. When they say it's going to arrive within 7-10 business days, in Newfoundland time it usually takes almost two weeks.

Food selection at the grocery store

When you're craving pho and the only authentic pho places closes what's a girl to do? You go on the hunt for ingredients of course! The only problem is half the ingredients can't be found. Where are you supposed to get the real deal star anise in the city? Not to mention fresh tropical fruit. Sadly, it's only seasonal. 

Sunday Drivers

When you have a million errands to run but you're stuck behind pop from up the shore taking his sweet time driving on a single lane highway doing 20 below the speed limit. You're trying to keep your cool but inside you're wondering how on earth you're going to complete your list before dinner, which is when most of your shops close in the city because it's Sunday. 

Costco's parking lot 

You still can't understand how Costco is ALWAYS busy. It could be AM or PM and it's jam packed. Rain or shine, it could be a damn snow storm and Costco will still be bumpin'. No matter what time of the year it is everyone is at Costco. 

The wind

Some things you never get used to like your hair blowing all over your face. Messy bun, high pony or low braid it's all irrelevant. Nothing can stop your hair from turning into a complete mess from the wind. Use all the hair spray you want, gel it just like the 90's — it's no match. 

5 O’Clock traffic 

Remember when it takes 15 minutes to get home? Me either. Now a days it takes a half an hour to commute. From the time you leave work to the time you reach your driveway it all adds up. With so many cars in St. John's now it's hard to make it home on time. 

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