You finally graduated with either your bachelors or masters. Now it's time to explore the world and start looking for a career. Four long years of napping in the library, meeting friends at the Breezeway and slugging back Booster Juice in the UC. You've made a lot of friends over the years, some that will last a lifetime. You've done a lot of things you won't forget and some you'd rather not remember.

If you are an alumni of Memorial University of Newfoundland then here are a few things that will job your memory.

1. You have excellent cardio from running to class.

2. You're an expert at finding resources in a library.

3. You still curl up in your Memorial hoodie.

4. Having no student loans!

5. You've made life long friends.

6. You know someone, who knows someone, you know.

7. That time you got lost in the munnels and was late for class.

8. You still use your beaten up MUN bookbag.

9. You still tell the story of that time you went crowd surfing at the Breezeway.

10. You know who the Seahawks are.

11. You've made friends from all over the world.

12. Realizing the importance of Rate My Prof.

13. You're still a member of "MUN USED TEXTBOOKS" on Facebook.

14. Having a second degree because MUN's tuition is so cheap.

15. The importance of stu.

16. You're the master of finding a parking spot.

17. When you miss the coffee at Treats.

18. The moment you realize you're an excellent sales consultant by selling used textbooks.

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