Grab your sugar and enjoy these amazing activities in 2017. Maybe you're trying to beat the winter blues or diving into summer lovin' — there is something fun for every season! Discover ship wrecks below in your scuba gear or take in the view of Petty Harbour with North Atlantic Zip Lining. This summer is going to be FULL of exciting things for you and your special someone to do. What if it's rainy? No worries! There are also plenty of other indoor activities to do like going to a shooting range or throwing a few axes.

Oh, don't forget about the deadly festivals! Salmon Fest, Blueberry Fest, George Street Fest and the list goes on. With so many events to go to, trails to hike and places to visit it's hard to know where to start! If you haven't already started your bucket list for 2017 then here is a good start.


1. Join everyone at Chill Fest.

2. Personalize a new coffee mug at Clay Cafe.

3. Ski your hearts out at Marble Mountain.

4. Kick your lovers ass at 8-limb Muay Thai classes.

5. Skating at the Loop in Bannerman Park.

6. Try your hands at pottery at Craft Council.

7. Sharpen your bullseye at Complete Gun Repair.

8. Have a date night with Paint Nite.

9. Snowshoe the trails at Pippy Park.

10. Snowboard at White Hills.

11. Race around on snowmobiles with Riverfront Chalets.


12. Visit hundreds of birds at Cape St. Mary's ecological reserve.

13. Marvel at the icebergs at Iceberg alley.

14. Go for a tasting at Port Rexton Brewery.

15. Treat them to a show at the Arts and Culture Centre

16. Enjoy a cold one and screaming fans at an Ice Caps game.

17. Star gaze and have a campfire at Middle Cove Beach.

18. Have a rendezvous at Fogo Island Inn.

19. Hike the Sherwink Trail.

20. Bring your speed-demon boyfriend to GForce Karting.

21. Pet the aquatic life at mini aquarium in Petty Harbour.


22. Visit the cute animals at Salmonier Nature Park.

23. Discover the world below with scuba diving with Ocean Quest Adventures.

24. Work your legs hiking  Gros Morne mountain.

25. Check out the whales and puffins with Molly Bawn boat tours.

26. Spend the day on the beach at Marine Park.

27. Go swimming at Sunshine Camp.

28. Take in the view of Petty Harbour at North Atlantic Zip Line.

29. Do the long traverse in Gros Morne.

30. Check out the creepy crawlies at Newfoundland Insectarium.

31. Hunt for shipwrecks along the coast of Newfoundland.

32. Explore Arches Provincial Park.

33. Have a boil up and camp at Terra Nova.

34. Explore the open water with a kayaking tour with Stan Cook.

35. Take in the Aurora borealis in Rocky Harbour.

36. Freak them out on the Haunted Hike.

37. Go to an outside viewing of a movie with Reel Downtown.

38. Go to U pick strawberry at Lester's Farm.

39. Get an adrenaline rush with white water rafting with Riverfront Chalets.

40. Become a beach bums at Northern Bay Sands.

41. Attend the Victoria Park Lantern Festival.

42. Rock your hearts out at Salmon Fest.

43. Win her a giant teddy bear at the Royal St. John's Regatta.

44. Hit up George Street Fest.

45. Go to Blueberry Fest.

46. Treat them to tickets to the Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues Fest.

47. Experience the Kellegrews Soirée.


48. Try new food at the Farmer's Market.

49. Get lost in the corn maze at Lester's Farm.

50. Play a round of mini golf at Sir Admiral John's Adventure Golf.

51. Show off those biceps at Wallnuts.

52. Dress to impress at Mardi Gras.

53. Take her to St. John's International Women’s Film Festival.

54. Check out the races with Targa Newfoundland.

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