There's nothing like a solid fitness class to whip you up in shape. They push you to work harder and most often than not you gain a few fitness buddies. Stop wasting your precious time on Netflix and do something worth your while! Instead of hitting the gym once a week — or for some never, why not join a fitness class?

We've done our homework and looked at the best fitness classes around this winter! Some have drop-in options while others you need to sign up for. So do yourself a favour and sweat baby sweat!

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1. Zumba at The Works

Looking for a whole body workout? The Works offer Zumba classes every Thursday from 6:30-7:15pm. The drop in fee is only $6.25 and membership options are available as well! Zumba is a dynamic fitness program with a taste of latin rhythms. It has a combination of fast and slow movements with resistance training to help improve toning and fight fats!

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2. Pound at Southlands Community Centre

Drum your way to a healthier you! Southlands community centre offers pound classes every Wednesday night from 8-8:50pm. What is a pound class? It's a full body cardio workout with simulated drumming. Rock out those abs and work those arms one beat at a time!

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3. Deep Water Fitness at the H.G.R. Mews Community Centre

Nothing compares to deep water fitness! Lucky for you the H.G.R Mews community centre provides classes for everyone on Monday and Friday's from 9 to 9:50am! What a perfect way to get you energized for the long week ahead! They offer drop in classes for a small fee of $5.00. Suitable for all swimmers and for the weaker swimmers floaties are available!

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4. Spin Classes at The Works

Get that booty you've been dreaming of over Christmas through a spin class! Not only will you work your legs but you'll improve your cardio and endurance. Spin classes are for all levels of fitness and provides an assortment of sprinting and hill climbing exercise. The best thing about spin classes is you're in control of your threshold! The Works offer spin classes to members and non- members. Drop-in prices for member $6.15 and for non-members $12.15.

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5. Hot Yoga Fridays at Moksha

Who doesn't love hot yoga? It's only one of the best ways to cleanse your mind and body. With a heated room of 37C it's going to be hard not to break a sweat! The perfect way to detox your body and strengthen your core. Hot yoga is the foundation of a flexible and healthy body. Classes are based on 40 poses and are held Fridays from 5:30-6:30pm. A single drop in class is $18 and membership options are available.

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6. Kickboxing at Michael Foley's Academy of Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts is where it's at! Strengthen your entire body through kickboxing. You'll break a sweat in no time and it's an excellent way to build up muscle. Michael Foley's Academy of Martial Arts offers intense classes for those looking to really step up their game. They offer various classes from kickboxing to judo. But if you want to focus on your lower body then kickboxing is the answer. Classes are available Monday to Thursday from 8:30-9:30pm. Drop in rates are $20 and membership options available as well.

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7. Cardio Classes at Goodlife

All those gym fanatics who go to Goodlife really do know what's up. With a multitude of workout options and fitness classes the opportunities are endless. Some want to shed those lb's while others want to strengthen and improve their cardio. One of the best classes Goodlife offers is a cardio class with all levels of intensity. There are an assortment of different cardio classes to suit everyones needs. The best thing about Goodlife is they offer a free class pass to check it out. Membership options are necessary to join any additional classes but you won't be sorry!

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