Life just wouldn’t be the same without our beloved Newfoundlanders. We have accomplished so much that we had to compile a list. Out here on the East Coast of Canada, we have a unique way of life, resulting in interesting people and valuable contributions.

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Newfoundlanders are some of the proudest people in the world. We already know Newfoundland was the first place to get wireless communication, invented the gas mask, and first to vaccinate for smallpox. But we’re also the mastermind behind many other creations that set our province apart, and we’re damn proud of it.

Pineapple Crush

Might as well go for a soda. Pineapple Crush is sacred to Newfoundlanders, and just about anyone who has been fortunate enough to try it.  Produced by Browning Harvey Ltd. In St. John’s—pineapple crush pairs well with just about anything, especially some fries, dressing, and gravy.

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Fries, Dressing and Gravy

AKA: Newfoundland Fries.  You need to get a true Newfoundland experience by ordering yourself a plate of FD&G. Similar to poutine, this gravy-smothered dish is a Newfoundland staple. Crispy fries are covered in a dressing or stuffing flavored with savory spice and topped off with a rich beef gravy.

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Mary Brown's 

Yup, that’s us too! Mary Browns we LOVE you. And are we ever thankful for Gregory Roberts the CEO of Mary Brown’s who originally hails from Triton, Newfoundland.  The first restaurant was opened in St. John’s in 1969, under the Golden Skillet name before officially becoming Mary Browns.  There are now over 100 restaurants across the country. Let’s celebrate with a Big Mary.


Any Mummers ‘lowed in?Mummering is the act of getting dressed up is a disguise and visiting the homes of family and friends during Christmas time. You better believe this Newfoundland Holiday time tradition lives on. It’s even caught in in other parts of Canada. You are welcome.

Irish-Newfoundland Show

Nothing gets us more ‘on the go’ than a bit of Irish-Newfoundland music. If you’re feeling a little home sick, it’s the best cure. You can listen from ANYWHERE online every Saturday morning to hear Greg Smith, as he hosts the show and makes us all much happier.

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Jiggs Dinner ft. Salt Beef

Unbuckle your pants button in preparation. What would life even be without our classic Jiggs dinner? It consists of boiled potatoes, turnips, carrots, peas pudding, cabbage—and, sometimes, a blueberry duff—then salted beef. Yes, salt beef. There is usually roast turkey or roast pork. It's You can’t beat the combination of everything put together. It's a clever meal!

Great Big Sea

Or GBS for short.The unofficial voice of Newfoundland. The band may be retired but that doesn’t mean their songs are. We dare you to read this without getting ‘Ordinary Day’ stuck in your head for the rest of today. Thank you, Alan Doyle and company for your musical gift to us. 

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George Street

The Hollywood Blvd of Newfoundland.We’d be lost without our George Street. It’s known for the many bars and pubs. The two-block-long street houses nothing but bars, pubs, and restaurants. If you plan to visit over the summer be sure to check out the line up for the annual George Street Festival.

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