When it comes to bromances, there are some relationships so epic and heartwarming you can't help but feel the love - even from a distance. Some notable and very public bromances can be seen with Joe Biden & Barack Obama, Kj Apa & Cole Sprouse (better known as Riverdales' Archie and Jughead), and who could forget Matt Damon & Ben Affleck. 

Well according to new sociological research, the modern bromance -while actually a really progressive and positive thing for men, can be terrible for their romantic relationships.

Studies found that strong male friendships allow guys the freedom to express themselves without judgment, and to engage in emotional intimacy without fear. An emotional freedom and honestly that they guys aren't often able to have with their significant others.

Adam White, a lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire in Britain and the co-author of a recently published article in the academic journal Men and Masculinity on bromances is tackling the issues surrounding close male friendships and romantic relationships. He explains that the modern day bromance “is very, very good for men... [but it's] not necessarily benefiting women, and in fact it may well be disadvantaging them”.

His paper found that, “beyond the need for sex... for [the] cohort of men [studied], bromances performed a very similar, and often superior function to romances”.

So other than your guy wanting to spend more time with their bros than you, what could the big deal be? Well, White's worry is that these close male relationships could eventually replace modern relationships entirely.

“What happens in 50 years, say, if these bromantic relationships really take off and men decide, ‘Hang on, we really enjoy these. These are much better. We can gain more emotionality from it. We’re less regulated, we’re less policed,’” White said. “And therefore women actually just become the sexual fulfillers of men and nothing else. That’s the worrying aspect.”

While we're not entirely convinced that modern day relationships will suddenly be replaced by bromances and side chicks - it's definitely something to add to the never ending list of dating woes. 

Source: National Post 

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