The beauty community has blown up over the past four years, and with it so has the beauty industry as a whole. It seems that there are new products coming out every day, from highlighter to foundation there is just always something new to buy!

Though, in 2017 while there have been some notable hits and misses in the beauty world so far, there have been a ton of random and very weird products that have been introduced into the market. So if you want to check out some of the weirdest that have appeared in the beauty world this year so far, read on! 

The Baby Foot Peel 

While I get that there is some reason behind this product, there is no denying that this product is weird AF. Seriously, you are literally paying for a foot mask that is going to make your feet resemble the crypt keeper for a week. (Your feet are baby soft though afterwards so... it's worth it). 

The Brow Stamp

Brow stamps have got to be the easiest way to get boxy unnatural eyebrows. Seriously, I do not understand the phenomenon with "stamp makeup" in general seeing as it probably takes you longer to get the stamp ready and make sure it's applied perfectly than it does to actually do your brows with a pomade or pencil. 

Carbon Coco Charcoal Teeth Whitner 

Why.. just why. Seriously, charcoal stains your teeth- the only reason your teeth look whiter after using the powder is that the charcoal stains your gums darker than they were before, naturally the contrast makes your teeth look whiter than before. Like seriously, charcoal for teeth whitening?! Over time though it's been said by countless dentists that the charcoal will actually stain your teeth grey- ew. 

Lip Plumpers

Say no to these weird AF suction cup things. Seriously it looks you've had a bad accident involving an EOS balm or something when you use it and the bruised lips you get afterward are not cute. 

Vibrating Makeup Sponges

I am not really sure what the point of this product was and why anybody would invest money into creating it, but it's a thing and people have bought it and surprise, it isn't good. Just stick to paying a ridiculous amount for a pink sponge, your foundation will look better that way. 

The Silisponge 

This thing is not a 'silisponge', this is a chicken cutlet and I refuse to refer to it as anything else other than that. Seriously though, this thing just creeps me out I do not want to apply my makeup with this! Plus it's been proven by tons of users that this sponge may save product but it doesn't apply it properly, you just end up with a way-too-full-coverage-refuses-to-blend-in mess.

Mai Couture paper makeup 

I didn't understand paper makeup when it came out, and to this day I still don't understand it. Apparently, you are supposed to press the pieces of paper onto your face to apply the product to make for "easy" application, but all I've seen are some really confused beauty gurus ending up with some pretty terrible makeup as a result. 

Lancome's rose petal highlighter 

Just because it's deemed weird doesn't mean it isn't gorgeous! The rose petal highlighters from Lancome are absoloutely gorgeous, but definitely a random release in the beauty market. 

Benefit's They're Real Big Sexy Eye Kit 

This isn't necessarily weird but more so just dumb. I still don't understand the point of this product, especially considering the applicator looks like a glorified end of a Q-tip and the two-toned shadows make for an unblended and choppy application onto the eye. 

One Two Cosmetic's magnetic lashes

2017 was the year for some very weird lash products, trust me this is the first but won't be the last lash product you read about on this list! Personally, the idea of magnets near my eyes for that long just freaks me out, let alone paying $69 USD for them.... I'd rather just use glue??? 

LED light up lashes

I told you the lash antics didn't stop at magnetic lashes. If you didn't think lash products could get any worse- light up lashes exist! Once again, anything LED or electrical near my eyes just freaks me out. I don't want to give any product the opportunity to short-circuit and then burn off my face, but that's just my opinion. 

Flirt Cosmetic's eyelash staple gun 

Because applying eyelashes wasn't scary enough right?! Seriously, I come way too close to stabbing myself in the eye with my tweezers each time to let a staple gun anywhere near my eyes in the name of having nicer lashes. 

Pop Luxe's glow in the dark highlighter

This is actually pretty cool, but realistically we all know that nobody would actually wear this enough to justify spending the price of a typical highlighter on it. Plus so far the photos of people using it show that the result of applying this stuff and actually wearing it in the dark make it look as if you were dumped in something radioactive. 

The Mac 'pizza wheel cutter' mascara

Mascara wands are freaky enough when they look like mascara wands, let alone this one from Mac that looks like it was literally created to slice your cornea. Seriously, I can't even get behind the Benefit They're Real! mascara because the end of it looks like a torture device, so I'm definitely not touching this Mac one with a ten-foot pole. 

The 'Vamp Stamp'

I mean, the idea is cool but realistically I feel like there is a lot more effort in trying to work this product than there is in just applying eyeliner by yourself. 

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