For many Canadians, Tim Hortons has long been a source of national pride. That's why I was shocked to discover that the best Tim Hortons out there isn't actually in Canada at all. 

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If you're looking for the biggest and best donut selection, the trendiest restaurant, and actual good coffee at the best Tim Hortons ever, you'll have to go to the HARBORCENTER Tim Hortons in Buffalo, New York. 

While covering an event in Buffalo, Fox Sportscaster Carrlyn Bathe shared a photo of a Tim Hortons she was at and it was instantly shocking. Not only did it look like every donut was completely stocked up and fresh, but their selection was amazing. 

They had all the classics like honey crullers and chocolate glazed, as well as more specialty flavours then I had ever seen including my personal favourite, the Oreo donut. It was immediately obvious this Tim Hortons was not in Canada and I had to know where. 

Through some personal digging, I discovered that this amazing donut selection could be found at the Tim Hortons right by Buffalo's HARBORCENTER arena and the donuts aren't the only thing that makes them the best. 

The inside of the restaurant is unlike your basic Canadian Tim Hortons. Instead, it has a chic and trendy industrial vibe with brick, exposed pipes, and wooden and metal tables. To make it even better, the whole thing is hockey themed. 

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Back in his day, Tim Horton actually played for the Buffalo Sabers. Since this Tims is right by the arena, they have an entire tribute wall for Horton and the logo and decor colours were changed to Blue and Yellow to honour the Sabers. There are even special hockey-themed chairs to sit in. 

Even the HARBORCENTER know's their Tim Hortons is iconic. On their website, they describe the location as a "one-of-a-kind destination" because of it's many unique elements. 

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As a Canadian, I'm super jealous that I can't go here without having to clear customs first, but I'm also a little disappointed in Tims. See Tim Horton also played on the Toronto Maple Leafs so what gives? All I want now is a cool, trendy, hockey-themed Tims in Toronto with an amazing selection of always fresh donuts. 

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