We all love watching Heritage minutes. You know, those commercials that appear every once in awhile that teach you a little something about the history of this country we call home, while also being incredibly cheesy about 90% of the time. 

Some Canadian Netflix watchers may recognize a big part of both the scenery and characters in the latest edition to the series.    

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That's because Canada's most recent heritage commercial is focused on Lucy Maud Montgomery, who is most famous for having written Anne of Green Gables.  

Montgomery's book are also the bases for the incredibly popular series Anne that is currently trending on Netflix Canada. 

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The video features plenty of breathtaking shots of Thunder Cove and Cape Tryon on the coast of Prince Edward Island, as well as a young girl who is supposed to represent Anne of Green Gables. 

Most of the one minute commercial is focused on how Montgomery battled depression, rejection and sexism in her quest to become one of the most successful authors in not just Canada, but the whole world.   

You can check out the video below

Source: CBC

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