Ah, the royal family - the family we all adore and look up to... and are probably borderline obsessed with. I mean, if you couldn't help but to click in and read about 12 Things Meghan Markle Won't Be Allowed To Do When She Joins The Royal Family, about what the gender Kate Middleton's baby is going to be, or hell, this article you're reading right now, then you're low-key obsessed.

But actually, our obsession with the royal family might be more meaningful than you may think. In fact, it reveals a lot about human nature and its tendencies.

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According to a study conducted at NYU Langon Health by Ph.D. and licensed clinical psychologist, Tara Emrani, our love for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton and Prince William simply stems from our fundamental human desire to be social and our need to pay attention to people we look up to, but also understand and can relate to. The royal family is the perfect mixture of both relatable and enviable, and it's exactly that magical combo that makes them so irresistible.

Emrani tells HelloGiigles that, “We kind of like to grow as a group. We survive better in the context of a group than by ourselves...and it is our nature to identify individuals in the group that are one-of-a-kind for skills and uniqueness that precedes our own.”


Though the royal family is obviously not a group of your average Joes, but from the way they portray themselves and are portrayed by the media, their everyday lives can at times feel surprisingly familiar to us, and thus, relatable. From when Prince William first met his the Duchess-to-be in college, to being in a long-term relationship with her, and finally tying the knot as a couple, the entire order of events just felt so "normal" and "natural". I mean, I met my current long-term boyfriend in college too, and you most likely did as well.

Now with the huge trending topic that is Prince Harry and his soon-to-be bride, Meghan Markle, what makes the entire story so intriguing is perhaps because of Meghan's incredibly humble begins. Her American background in combination with her down-to-earth roots makes her feel that much closer to home.

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The Royals' social media platforms also make them all that much more accessible and readily available to us on a daily basis - their Twitter, Instagram, etc. The fact that anyone is able to receive information about them so quickly makes them feel more a part of our lives.

Emrani's study, she also explains that, as humans, we often look to our "superiors" for advice and guidance - this is why we're so interested in the lives of the royals, in the same way we are with the lives of the Kardashians. The Kardashian Klan family success, Kate Middleton's consistently sold out fashion line, and Meghan Markle's "rags to riches" story - it is their success that makes us envy, but also look up to them.


So if in fact you are admittedly obsessed with the royal family (I mean, why else would you be reading this article), no shame. It's in your human nature. You're just being you and I cheers to that.

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