Move over, Shirtless Tonga Guy — Canadians are apparently the sexiest thing in the Olympics right now (even in their snow pants and layers).

This year’s Canadian Olympic team is studded with athletes that are not only talented, but also incredibly good looking. It seems like the whole world has taken notice, with thirsty tweets about our Canadian athletes constantly surfacing during these Olympics so far:

Our figure skating team in particular has been heavily swooned over, especially after Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s sultry Moulin Rouge free skate. Their routine, which capped off a gold-medal winning performance for Team Canada, was so steamy that people were comparing it to “live sex on ice.”

“Yeah sex is great and all but have you ever watched Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir skate,” tweeted one user.

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We’ve also got our snowboarders, Max Parrot and Mark McMorris, who won silver and bronze medals respectively and managed to get ladies everywhere thirsting for them.

“If someone had mentioned all those hot Canadian snowboarders before this, I would have started watching a long time ago,” tweeted another user.

McMorris, by the way, won that bronze after almost dying 11 months prior. Amazing.

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But it doesn’t stop there — Meet John Morris and Kaitlyn Lawes, the attractive duo representing our country in mixed doubles curling.

Morris is a firefighter from Alberta and one of Canada’s most eligible bachelors. Lawes is a nutrition grad from the University of Manitoba and an all-around curling beast. Together, they’ve managed to snag Canada’s third gold medal of this Olympics.

They’re also the first-ever team to win gold in mixed doubles curling, which was just introduced to the Olympics this year in Pyeongchang.

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“How big of a star is John Morris in Canada? I feel if he was American, the US media would go bananas over a good-looking fireman gold medalist,” tweeted one user.

“She may come from enemy territory, but hot damn have I got a crush on Kaitlyn Lawes,” tweeted another user.

We haven’t even gotten to the male and female hockey teams yet. We’ll let the rest of the world discover them for themselves.

You’re welcome, world.

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