Despite Canada's official motto, "From sea to sea" there are actually three coasts in Canada, the Pacific, Atlantic and of course the Arctic. 

And up by that Arctic Ocean is a tiny town that up until recently wasn't really connected to the rest of Canada. 

Tuktoyaktuk is a town of fewer than 900 people in the Northwest Territories. It is right on the coast of the Arctic Ocean and actually in the Arctic Circle.

Being so far North, it was really tricky to get to until recent highway developments changed that. Previously people had to take a plane to get there but at the end of 2017, they finally opened a year-round road to the town. 

The highway wasn't easy to build since most of the land that far north is permafrost. This means when it melts, the road can get really messy and dangerous. Even this spring, the highway had to be closed so they could repair parts of it that are very muddy. 

Tuktoyaktuk is now the furthest north in Canada that people can drive to but even though they were disconnected for a while, the residents there don't feel isolated since they have a strong community amongst themselves. 

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The town isn't the northern-most inhabited place in Canada though. That goes to Alert, Nunavut which is home to a Canadian Miltary intelligence base, you just can't get to there by car. 

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