The end is nigh! Or that’s what some out there would have you believe right now at least. Yup that’s right, we’ve run into another case of people deciding that the world is about to end and that we’re all doomed. Well it was good, while it lasted but I guess there’s nothing to do now but wait for the inevitable.

So how soon are we all going to die you ask? And what will be the source of our death and the end of everything as we know it?

Well it’s a new take on an old conspiracy it turns out.  

Via ractapopulous

A conspiracy theorist named David Meade has decided that on April 23rd a planet, which he calls Nibiru, will collide with the Earth killing us all.

If this sounds somewhat similar it’s because Meade also predicted this would happen back in September of last year.

And then when that didn’t happen he said it would happen in October. And then again in November….  

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Yet somehow that planet has not made an appearance and one of us have died from being crushed by it.

Weird huh? But if it does somehow appear in the sky on April 23rd Meade says it will trigger volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis.  

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You know, all of your standard disaster end of the world movie stuff.

So if the world ends at least we’ll get to feel like we’re living in a movie before we’re all killed.

Seeing as this guy has been wrong multiple times before though don’t bet on it. 

Source: Global News

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