Probably the most accurate stereotype about Canadians is that we say sorry a lot. We are known for apologizing when someone accidentally bumps into us, before speaking, or even if we hit an inanimate object. 

But in one Canadian province, people were saying sorry so much that they actually had to make a law about it called the Apology Act. 

In 2009, Ontario introduced the Apology Act to deal with the fact that people naturally apologized all the time. See, this was actually becoming an issue when it came to legal battles because apologizing usually implies that you were guilty. 

However, since Canadians apologize so much, they often said sorry even they weren't at fault for an accident or another legal affair. So the act was introduced to make it that in Ontario law, an apology was not allowed to be considered an admission of guilt. 

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As an example, if you were in a car accident, and as soon as you jumped out of your car you said "I'm so sorry that happened!" the other person is not allowed to use your apology as proof that you were at fault for the crash. 

It's not just Ontario that enjoys this freedom to say sorry. Nova Scotia also introduced a similar apology act in 2009 while BC was way ahead of the game with their own apology legislation in 2006. 

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Basically, this is the most Canadian law ever made, but given how frequently we apologize without ever being at fault it's probably something the entire country should have too. 

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