Highway 401 is a lot of things. It's big, it's busy, it's definitely frustrating around rush hour times and last but not least, it can be dangerous.

As North America's busiest highway, there's bound to be accidents. The 401 stretches over 800km across Ontario. It's the pathway for approximately half a million cars per day. Collisions on this stretch can range from minor to deadly.

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According to a CBC analysis of traffic data over a five-year period, there is one specific day of the week that has proven to be the most dangerous. Can you guess which one?

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While my first instinct told me Monday; a day filled with groggy post-weekend commuters, the answer is actually Friday. According to data, 9,288 collisions were reported on Fridays alone between the five-year period. That equals to around 35 crashes per day.

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Why Friday? Traffic safety expert, Brian Malone told CBC there's one simple answer, Fridays just happen to be busier days on the 401.

I'm sure it's easy for all of us to understand why. We've all been there, 5 o'clock hits, you're ready for the weekend and all you want to do is rip home or up to the cottage. 

In contrast, slower Sundays only saw 5,961 collisions over the five years which is around 22 per day.

While the numbers might seem scary, highway collision rates in Ontario are actually quite low. The average rate is between 0.3 to 0.7 collisions per million vehicle kilometres traveled.

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Winter sees more collisions than any other time of the year due to poor driving conditions and fewer daylight hours. However, winter collisions are more about fender benders than fatalities. Summer, on the other hand, sees more fatal crashes due to drivers traveling at higher speeds.

So there you have it, 401 commuters. Fridays are exciting and all, but take it easy on the highway.

Source: CBC

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