Almost every single human on the planet has struggled with body image and weight loss at some point in their lives. Because of the media and social pressures feeling good about our bodies has become a daily struggle. 

While I thoroughly believe you shouldn't start a weight loss/fitness journey for anyone but yourself, I also believe that striving to become a healthier and stronger person can never be bad thing. Who doesn't want to be that toned person at the gym that can lift double their own body weight on the squat racks or do an unassisted head stand during yoga class? Being fit really does improve your lifestyle, mood and energy level overall. 

There's tons of fitness guides and programs on the market that are all claiming that you'll lose weight and get fit fast if you follow their plan. But which ones actually work and which ones are actually realistic? 

We reviewed a bunch of fitness plans available for purchase online and these are the best ones that are actually realistic to follow and will help you reach all of your fitness goals! 

11. Tone It Up 

Price: $170

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Tone It Up is probably one of the best fitness plans for women out there right now. They offer an 8 week bikini series program that comes with a daily nutrition kind telling you what to eat and when, daily exercises that can all be done from the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment and a community full of women inspiring each other to reach their goals! It is a pretty pricey plan but for what you get it's totally worth it. They're starting their 2018 bikini series soon to get you in shape for summer in just 8 weeks!  


10. Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

Price: $90

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Kayla Itsines' program blew up on Instagram because the progress pictures were too undeniable to overlook. She offers a 12 week workout plan with each workout only 28 minutes only 3 days a week! It's totally realistic for people with busy schedules and can mostly be done from the comfort of your own home. 


9. Anna Victoria Fit Body Guide

Price: $79.95

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Anna Victoria created her program when she needed to make big changes in her lifestyle for her health. She decided to share how her lifestyle changes worked for her with other women to help them reach their fitness goals through 12 week workout and meal plan guide! Her workouts include 30 minute high intensity circuits paired with cardio and ab circuits plus a healthy meal plan will get you on track in no time. 


8. Blogilates 

Price: FREE

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If you're not as big into HIIT videos and lifting weights, this 4 week online pilates program is perfect for you. All her videos are free and posted on YouTube and her website, plus she always creates a monthly calendar laying out which workouts you should do when. Of course, this is completely customizable to fit your weekly schedule as well. 


7. The Peach Plan

Price: $76

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If you're looking to get fit and grow your booty, this is the perfect workout. Meggan Grubb has been on her fitness journey for a while now and she's created a program that is perfect for women looking to get into weight lifting at the gym but just don't know how to start on their own. She has two versions of her Peach Plan now and a huge Facebook community of women who give each other advice, share their progress and push each other to reach their goals!


6. Sarah's Day: Sweat It To Shred It

Price: $67

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Sarah's Day is all about keeping the balanced and healthy lifestyle while getting your sweat on! She created an 8 week guide to killing it at the gym with everything from full body workouts to 10 minute ab blasting circuits to stretching sessions. She also provides a schedule that you can easily follow to keep you on track.


5. Krissy Cela: Ultimate Summer Body Guide

Price: $83.80

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Weightlifting for women has finally started getting the acknowledgement it deserves because it really does create quick results and builds a strong, feminine physique. Krissy's 12 week ultimate summer body guide gives you all the tools to succeed at weight training and she has both an at home guide and gym guide available! 


4. Base Body Babes

Price: $9.99/week

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The Base Body Babes are all about creating a healthy, fit lifestyle that's easy to maintain throughout your life. They offer programs for at home and at the gym for a weekly cost. They recommend to follow their programs 4 weeks at a time before moving onto the next program. They also provide healthy recipes and nutrition tips to make sure you're seeing the results from your workouts. 


3. Body Boss Method

Price: $68.90

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Get your workout on anywhere, anytime with the Body Boss Method. This 12 week HIIT style workout guide gives you step by step exercises that you only have to do for 24 minutes 3 times a week! There's absolutely no gym equipment required so you can do these workouts in your living room, at the beach, in your backyard, it's completely flexible. 


2. Emily Skye Fit 

Price: $119.95

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Emily Skye has created a fitness empire that has helped tons of women reach their fitness goals. She combines HIIT workouts, weight training, and stretch sessions in her plan complete with step-by-step tutorials, a full meal plan and an online support forum with fellow women using the program! 


1. Buf Girls

Price: $89

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This program allows you to completely transform your body in just 6 weeks! This program includes online workouts that you can complete anywhere, no gym required, healthy recipes and a nutrition guide, weekly challenges and an online support forum! 


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