Trudeau's time as Prime Minister of Canada has definitely been a very interesting one, especially considering he's become a global sensation (as much of one that a Prime Minister can be that is).

With the popularity has come some very... interesting items created in dedication to the Canadian icon. And since there are so many, we thought we would show our personal favourites. From random to funny to just flat out weird, let's review all of the things that featured Trudeau's face in 2017. 

1. A Justin Trudeau "Scented" Candle 

Initially, I was weirded out by the choice in photo for the candle tin's top but then the more I thought about it, there is something way creepier about this candle. How does the company know what Trudeau smells like? Did they guess? Do they know someone who is close with him and described the scent? Why am I so worried about this? 

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2. Howling Wolf Underwear: The Justin Trudeau Edition 

Howling wolf merchandise is already weird in its own right, let alone an underwear version, let alone a JUSTIN TRUDEAU howling wolf underwear version. This actually terrifies me that somebody in the world definitely wears these on a daily basis. 

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3. Justin Trudeau Cookie Cutters 

What better way to poke fun at the critics that call Justin Trudeau too "cookie cutter" than to turn him into one! These rubber cookie cutters don the Prime Minister's face and would definitely make the perfect gift for anyone who's got Trudeaumania. 

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4. Justin Trudeau Socks 

All I can think about while looking at this sock is all the different ways his face is going to look once the sock is on someone's foot and is all stretched out. If anyone owns these socks and can take photos of examples of how deformed he gets, please send them my way. 

5. Justin Trudeau Tanktop 

Because what says "I'm Canadian" more than a tank top covered in flying geese and Trudeau riding a saddled up moose all in the backdrop of Banff? Absolutely nothing. 

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6. Justin Trudeau Kimono 

Don't be fooled, the description might say this is just for the beach but this is so convertible. You could wear it to the club, out for brunch, pair it with leggings and wear it to church, or skip the leggings and wear it to the bedroom!

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7. Justin Trudeau Leggings 

Now you can't get the Justin Trudeau kimono without the Justin Trudeau leggings, that would just look ridiculous. Of course, the leggings don the same pattern so you won't look like an idiot. 

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8. Justin Trudeau Phonecase

I have so many questions as to why everybody always photoshops Justin Trudeau onto horses and other animals. Why is there a halo and a waterfall around him? This is just so weird. 

9. Justin Trudeau Comic Book

I mean I personally wouldn't spend time making a Justin Trudeau comic book but I'm definitely glad somebody else did. It's kind of weird seeing the Prime Minister in graphic novel format but hey, if anything it's good memorabilia right? 

10. Justin Trudeau T-Shirt

What are these edits?! Why does Trudeau have a six pack edited onto himself, why does he look like he should be on those low budget romance novels you can buy at Dollarama? This is so so weird. 

11. Justin Trudeau Cookies 

Ok, finally, something a little more normal. These cookies initially had their rise to fame back when they were made in Ottawa when Trudeau was elected, but they have since made a comeback due to popularity. 

12. Justin Trudeau Christmas Ornament 

What better way to ring in the Christmas season than to have Justin Trudeau himself watch over your festivities via a christmas ornament? Ok that sounded creepy, but I mean the ornament is weird too, why out of all the facial expressions they could have put on his face does he have the creepiest smize on??

13. Justin Trudeau Calendar 

Who could forget the viral Justin Trudeau calendar that was found in the States? We've always known that the love for Trudeau doesn't know borders considering Americans are obsessed with him, but we didn't know they were this smitten. 

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14. Another Justin Trudeau T-shirt

Because who doesn't run out of Justin Trudeau t shirts? This one is most definitely for the hardcore fans considering it doesn't just boast one Trudeau, but severals! 

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