Seems like the theme of inclusivity is going to be huge in 2018 - though it's about time.

Rihanna launched her 40 shade foundation range this summer, Kylie Jenner is releasing her 50 shade concealer in the new year, and now Unicode, the tech-based company that created emojis, is announcing that they may be releasing natural, curly hair emojis as well as red hair emojis for 2018. Well, finally.

Not only do we have that to look forward to, but also many other emojis like white/grey hair emojis, bald emojis, a mooncake, bagels and possibly even a sad poo face.

Nothing is currently set in stone, but the final cut will be released mid-2018 upon approval of the Unicode Emoji Consortium. We'll just have to wait patiently and see!

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