I'm assuming everyone reading this article right now loves dogs and either wish they could own one or has one waiting for them when they get home from work! Our fur babies mean the world to us and are even now being substituted for regular babies by the Millennial generation! 

If you have a puppy on your Christmas list this year or you're hoping to adopt a new furry friend in the near future this article is going to be very helpful for you! A website called Rover.com released a study of Canadian dog names and they've compiled a list and tons of great statistics about the top dog names for 2018! 

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The top 10 male dog names are Charlie, Max, Cooper, Milo, Buddy, Tucker, Jack, Winston, Leo, and Rocky! 

The top 10 female dog names are Bella, Luna, Daisy, Lucy, Molly, Lola, Stella, Bailey, Sadie, and Maggie! 

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Rover also released some really interesting statistics about how Canadians name their dogs. They found that 8% of Canadian dog names are directly influenced by pop culture, any pups named Drake out there? 

Sports-named doggos went up 22% this year with a huge increase in Leafs names like Auston, Maple, and Marleau. They found lots of people naming their dogs after the royal family such as Sophia, George, Charlotte, and Prince. 28% of dog names are decidedly human which makes sense because 94% of dog owners consider their pups a part of their family!  

81% of pet parents have given their dogs nicknames because honestly, why not? There's so many more fun facts and statistics on their site and even a dog name generator to find out what your name would have been if you were a dog. Cute! 

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Check out their website for even more statistics from the study! 




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