Despite the fact that Canada was just ranked the second best country in the world, it still faces its own fair share of challenges. Though the national crime rate remains at historic lows, the country is still dealing with a rise in violent crimes in multiple cities across the western provinces.

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Maclean’s has released an interactive ranking of Canada’s Most Dangerous Places for 2018 which offers insight into the crime statuses of over 200 cities across the country. Although the frequency of crime has plummeted in most of these places, the crimes themselves have increased in severity - homicides, sexual assaults, firearms offences and robbery are becoming more prominent in areas of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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Here are Canada’s most dangerous places for 2018, based on a ranking of overall crimes:

  1. North Battleford, SK
  2. Thompson, MB
  3. Prince Alberta, SK
  4. Williams Lake, BC
  5. Red Deer, AB
  6. Langley City, BC
  7. Portage la Prairie, MB
  8. Wetaskiwin, AB
  9. Vernon, BC
  10. Selkirk, MB
  11. Prince George, BC
  12. Grand Prairie, AB
  13. Yorkton, SK
  14. Lloydminster, AB
  15. Terrace, BC
  16. Penticton, BC
  17. Dawson Creek, BC
  18. Chilliwack, BC
  19. Port Alberta, BC
  20. Regina, SK

The first Ontario city to be included in the list is Temiskaming, which sits at the rank of 25. For the most part, cities in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes are placed much lower in the list, with most ranks past the 50 mark.

North Battleford, the most dangerous place in Canada right now, has the worst crime rate this year. It’s four times higher than any other place in the country, with violent, non-violent and overall crimes prominent in the area. 

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That’s not as surprising as the small agricultural communities tend to be more susceptible to inflated crime rates. What is a bit disturbing, however, is the severity of the crimes being committed - In 2016 alone, there were 14,000 reported firearm violations and 1,192 acts of disturbing the peace.

Contrary to popular belief, larger cities like Montreal (97), Toronto (124) and West Vancouver (141) tend to have lower rankings that many people partly attribute to a faster pace of life and more extensive police forces.

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