If you're a Trudeau fan, or just an internet junkie in general, you'll know that there are some seriously hilarious products that feature our Prime Minister on them. You can get a Trudeau candle, a 12 month calendar, and even a shirt filled with Justin Trudeau faces. The newest addition to the Trudeau paraphernalia include a bottle of spicy look hot sauce... and we're not just talking about the contents within the bottle. 

The Canadian company Buckstone actually sells a line of politically branded hot sauces that have faces like Donald Trump, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn and of course Trudeau. 

Via mypatronusislove

The Trudeau sauce is called M.I.L.F. sauce (Minister I'd Like To ...) with the added tagline that it's prime hot sauce, use liberally - get it?!? And appears to retails for $10.50 at the grocery store Grace in the Kitchen in Ottawa (pictured above).

The company website itself doesn't list a price or locations where you an purchase it from, however it does offer up an info and contact email and phone number. It also lets shoppers know that the hot sauce is Habanero based and 5oz in size.

Via buckstone

 But regardless if you're a hot sauce lover or not, you can't disagree that this topless shot of Trudeau on the bottle and its punny lines are definitely a great gift for any spice fan... or political  junkie. And if not Trudeau then maybe the Kathleen "Wynnter Is Coming" Wynne sauce, or the Donald Trump one. 

Sourcemypatronusislove - Reddit

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