Whether you are a fashion lover or not, you are probably well aware that suede shoes have been all the rage for the past few years. Whether you love a good suede thigh high for a night out, or pair just about every outfit with your trusty suede booties, suede is literally everywhere right now. 

While the type of shoe is definitely stylish, practically everyone can agree they seem impossible to clean. Once you get a stain, you basically have to accept it or splurge on another pair if it's that bad. Though, one Twitter-user seems to have found the perfect way to bring your dirtied suede shoes back to life. 

Via @kieraohagan

Twitter user Kiera tweeted a now-viral tweet of her shoes before and after testing out a different cleaning method than usual... micellar water. Also known as, the stuff you use to clean makeup of your face! Tons of people were skeptical, asking whether the cleaning job left the suede stained or rough once it dried, but Kiera assured fellow users that her shoes turned out perfectly. Not only were they clean but the suede felt the exact same as the day she bought them! 

If you were doubting how effective micellar water could be with suede stains, Kiera offered before/after photos that are seriously insane. They shoes went from looking they were ready to go in the trash to looking brand new! 

Via @kieraohagan

Via @kieraohagan

So next time you have a night out and come home to realize you've scuffed your boots or spilled a post-bar meal on your thigh highs, rest assured you've now got options to clean up the mess! Plus considering most people have a bottle or two of micellar water lying around the house, the cleaning job won't cost you a dime! 

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