A solid skin care routine is always something that should be trending when it comes to beauty, but as of recent, the skincare side of makeup has completely blown up. Presumably due to the fact that models have been sporting their "no makeup" makeup looks more than ever. While the journey for clear skin and clean pores isn't always an easy one, this beauty spray just might make it a hell of a lot easier to get happy and healthy looking skin. 

The spray in question is called the "COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid" and initially got its traction on Reddit. Where a Reddit user named Salma posted these insane skin transformation photos, crediting the product for getting rid of her closed comedones (otherwise regarded as whiteheads!) 

[B&A] Finally got rid of my closed comedones with COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid! from SkincareAddiction

No matter how great your skin is, many see Salma's initial skin problem as the last hurdle before finally clearing their skin. Though not many products have been successful in getting rid of them, until now. Thousands of other people have tried the product after Salma's Reddit thread and have echoed her praises, this stuff actually works! 

Via Amazon.ca

It comes as no surprise that this liquid is from a Korean beauty brand (of course). Though it has shocked tons of people that it will only run you $20 CAN. So where exactly can you find it? Right now it's available here on Amazon Canada, meaning you can Prime it and start clearing up those whiteheads by tomorrow! 

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