When it comes to fitness, a lot of us like to reward ourselves and indulge in food. While there is definitely nothing wrong with this, it is sort of ironic to workout out and then reward yourself with bad food. Life is all about balance, and you shouldn't only workout to reward yourself. Or maybe you should? 

Luckily, there's an app for that! Carrot Rewards is an app that is newly launched, and it's all about the health of those who are addicted to their phones. Well, sort of. Carrot Rewards essentially rewards users for their daily activity by giving them points to the loyalty program of their choice. These are the loyalty programs you have to choose from: 

  • SCENE® Points
  • Petro-Points™
  • Aeroplan® Miles
  • Drop Points 
  • More Rewards®

Most people want to feel like they accomplished something after they work out, or walk an extra mile, or even go on a jog for the first time in 3 years. With Carrot Rewards, all you have to do is set a daily goal (which is the number of steps), and once you hit it, you get rewarded points. You set up your step goal at the beginning, and even if it's super low like 2,500, you still get 4 points for that which adds up if you hit that daily! Of course, the more steps you hit, the more rewards! No wonder it was named Canada's app of the year in 2017.

Via Carrot Rewards

Around 600,000 Canadians are currently using the app, and that's probably because there is no gimmick, no 'free until you pay for this, this and this', and no long term commitment. All it is is an app that you download on your iPhone from the Apple Store, which also links up to your Fitbit and Apple Watch, and the rest is done for you! You can either carry around your phone, or the Fitbit and Apple Watch track your steps for you. All you have to do on your end is get in your steps, and you get points to watch free movies, flights, and gas. 

There are also challenges that they provide such as they Step Up Challenge, which means meeting your daily goals 10 times in 14 days to earn a ton of extra points! You can also invite your friends and have a bit of a friendly competition to see who is the most active. 

Earning rewards has seriously never been easier, and it definitely makes you want to get up off the couch so you can reward yourself to a movie... sitting down. My kind of reward. For more information, check out their website and download the app in the App Store. 

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