Serious question: Is there anything that defines Christmas more than the Home Alone movies? If you answered 'no' to this question, then this news will probably be the best thing that has happened to you ever.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the quintessential Christmas movie 'Home Alone 2', New York's Plaza Hotel (the one where Kevin famously stayed, met a younger Donald Trump and raked up a $967 room service tab) is offering a 'Home Alone 2'-themed stay this Christmas.

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The 'Home Alone 2' Plaza Hotel package is filled with all of the goodies Mr. McCallister enjoyed during his stay, including an "over-the-top ice cream sundae", a huge paint can filled with Home Alone DVDs/Blu-ray discs, as well as a branded Home Alone 2: Lost In New York knapsack just like Kevin's!

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And of course, it wouldn't be a true homage to the great Christmas classic if the hotel's package didn't include a four-hour limousine tour (extra large cheese pizza included?) and express passes to the top of the Empire State Building.

The Plaza Hotel also plans to extend the Home Alone 2 theme to the rest of the hotel's amenities, including the Todd English Food Hall which will feature gourmet takes on the junk food of the ’90s that Kevin loved oh so much. Dishes include Charcuterie Lunchables and SpaghettiOs along cocktails inspired by the film.

So how much does a lavish day in the life of 9-year-old Kevin McCallister cost you? Well, reportedly, rates begin at a whopping $895 U.S., but luckily you'll have time to save up for it, because this specially-themed stay will be hosted at the hotel until January.

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Hilariously, the hotel has announced it will be holding a Kevin-lookalike contest on November 27. The lucky winner will get a free stay at the hotel with the deluxe Home Alone 2 package.

Source: NME, ABC

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