Americans usually get all the credit when it comes to the wildest university parties, but Canadians are still right up there with them! Across the country, Canadian university students are causing a ruckus, and one Instagram account has dedicated its existence to compiling their craziest moments.

@CanadianPartyLife posts daily campus videos submitted from various Canadian universities. With over 25,000 followers, the account is a hit among students who wait patiently for their school to be featured. Common campuses include Western, Brock and Laurier.

While the account is controversial for its depictions of bawdy behaviour, others argue that it is simply a raw, unapologetic examination of the party side of campus culture in Canada. In its defense, some students say the videos featured on the account do not represent the universities whatsoever and are just meant to be entertaining…

...And boy, are some of them entertaining. Here are some of the best parties, table-breaking and all-out craziness at Canadian universities (do not try these at home):

Do you think the account has gone to far?

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