Meet Shudu Gram. This deep skin beauty currently has 34.4k followers on Instagram and her photos have even been shared by Fenty Beauty's IG page.

Her feed is plastered with magazine editorial worthy images that highlight her glowing deep skin, reminiscent of goddesses like Duckie and Lupita Nyong'o.

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But according to Harper's BAZAARthis Instagram beauty is not a real person at all - in fact, she's 100% CGI.

"We live in such a filtered world now, where real is becoming fake. I wanted to create something that is fantasy toward becoming more real, and bringing it completely the other way, " says London-based photographer Cameron-James Wilson and creator of the Instagram model Shudu Gram.

Wilson told BAZAAR, "Shudu is my creation, she’s my art piece that I am working on at moment. I use a 3D modeling program. It’s like virtual photography, so once I create her, I can kind of pose her in certain ways. I am a photographer anyway, so it’s just a way of exploring my creativity when I’m not shooting."

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As a reputable photographer, Wilson has shot many celebrity models such as Gigi Hadid and Devon Windsor. He comments that "[he works] with lots of different people all the time, real people that have inspired [Shudu]" and that his creation is meant "to be beautiful art which empowers people."

While there has been a bit of controversy concerning the fact that Shudu is a computer-generated image (why not photograph an actual black model as opposed to one you created yourself?), Wilson reaffirms that Shudu is simply an expression of his creativity. "It’s not trying to replace anyone. It's only trying to add to the kind of movement that's out," he says.

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In fact, Shudu isn't the first CGI model on Instagram. Miquela, for example, is another "fake" IG model with over 562k followers. She also poses for Insta selfies and even sells her own merchandise online.

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While all this may seem a little too uncanny for the average person, it's really not all that far-fetched. We're living in a moment in time where Snapchat filters, Insta filters, Facetune, Kirakira are so much a part of our everyday lives and have arguably altered our realities. Wilson says that he's "simply bringing fantasy to reality".

Source: Harper's BAZAAR

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