It's no surprise that the Victoria's Secret models work out as a part of their job. A lot of people are jealous of their bodies, but if your job is to look good, then you got to do what you do to do but in the healthiest way possible. And while it may seem unrealistic to have their bodies, they're not always on a diet. And they don't always work out for 6 hours a day. 

According to a popular Victoria's Secret trainer, Justin Gelband, he is all for the Paleo diet which is also known as the caveman diet. That diet basically cuts out all grains, dairy, legumes, and processed sugar. Since this diet focuses on whole foods like protein, fruits, and veggies, your body can stay lean while gaining muscle. However, there is one diet a lot of people think is good for you, but it actually makes you lose weight. 

via @justingelband4u

Paleo is not a diet, it's a lifestyle. It's maintainable and it has so many benefits. Trainer Justin Gelband loves that diet, and hates another: the juice cleanse. He stated that at fashion week, models were going on a juice cleanse and failed to tell him. None of them lost weight and a few of them actually gained weight. Safe to say, he was blamed. 

Juice cleanses are advertised as getting rid of toxins, to help you lose the extra weight, and to cleanse your body. Guess what? Your liver is designed to get rid of toxins on it's own, you don't need a juice cleanse to do that. And when you restrict your calories, your body holds on to fat which slows down your metabolism resulting in you gaining weight. 

Gelband states that the only okay time to do a juice cleanse is if you're on a yoga treat in Bali, or something along those lines. And to never do it to lose weight. I guess since we all know the infamous Victoria's Secret diet, we have to try it out, right?!

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