Have you ever wondered why it seems like none of your pants fit, why you cannot stop thinking about food, or why you just seem like an absolute mess before your period? You think you've gained 10 pounds overnight, and even though you've gone through this every other time, THIS time you actually did gain weight. Or so you think. It actually happens to a lot of women, and it's always that time of the month. For those of you who can relate to the annoying side effects of your menstrual cycle, read on. 

Hormones. They're to blame for a lot. For why you cry at a battery commercial, for why you just can't shake that bad mood, and oh, why your jeans were loose last week and now they've either shrunk in the dryer or you gained 10 pounds. Not to say that this is normal, but it's definitely not not normal. That one pizza you had didn't make you gain weight, hormones did. 

It's actually been researched that women are their heaviest during their period, so that makes sense to why you feel so gross and bloated. However, some women "gain" more weight around ovulation which is usually a couple of weeks after the period and it peaks right before they get their next period. There is a reason why you feel like you've gained a ton of weight before your period, and it has to do solely with your hormones and water retention. 

So to keep it short and sweet, a lot of the weight you feel like you've gained before your period is actually fluid retention. This has to do with the rise in hormones, as well as giving into cravings due to your insane appetite before your period. All of the sugar, carbs, and whatever you indulge in the week before your period mixed with the rise of hormones can often make you bloat like crazy, not actually gain weight, and that's why you feel as though you did. 

But what is the reason for why you're so hungry before your period? Well, a lot of women experience an increase in their metabolic rate after ovulation and that means your body actually needs more calories. So don't feel bad if you actually can't stop eating before your period. No, this doesn't give you an excuse to dive into every craving you have, but treat yourself a little! Also, a lot of women find it hard to have regular bowel movements at this time during the month, which can also lead to bloating. So just because you had a couple of cheat meals and feel like you ate so much but couldn't get hungry, it's not your fault. Your body needs those extra calories, and you should listen to your body!

If you feel alone and feel, like you're the only one that gains weight before their period, don't worry. Ovulation related weight gain and PMS related weight gain is totally normal, and we shouldn't even call it weight gain since it goes away either a few days into your period or after your period. Although there is no way to stop this weight related issue, you can put your mind at ease knowing how normal it is, and to treat yourself once or twice during that time of month. You deserve it!

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