Last year was a huge one for Korean skincare and beauty trends, but as you may know, 2018 has been forecasted to be an even bigger year for Japanese beauty.

Japanese cosmetic and skincare brands are going to make a huge comeback with their long-standing, true and trusted brands like Shiseido, Shu Uemura, Canmake and Kate Cosmetics. But while you'll gradually be seeing a lot more well-known Japanese beauty presence on your social media, you'll also be seeing some low-key cult brands popping up here and there - one being a Japanese cult-favourite drugstore brand, Hada Labo.


If you're constantly creeping Reddit beauty forums, or simply just obsessed with searching for your next holy grail skincare item, then you might have seen Hada Labo Gokujun's Toning Lotion (CAD$21.34). Not only is it big in Japan, but it has over 109 reviews on Amazon with 4.5-star ratings, and has a Reddit thread obsessing over how amazing it is as long as a bible.

This toning lotion comes in two types, the Light Lotion and a Clear Lotion, but the main hydrating ingredient in both is hyaluronic acid. If this term is new to you, hyaluronic acid is actually a substance that is naturally present in your skin. As a skincare ingredient, it is able to absorb and replenish moisture in the skin for more plump, firm, and youthful looking skin.

While the packaging has little to no English, you'll have to put your trust into your fellow Hada Labo cult followers and their reviews on it. So far the comments have been nothing but endless raving. One Reddit user says, " I have dehydrated and dry skin which basically needs constant basting and since using Hado Labo twice a day I've noticed a massive improvement. Love using it for the seven skin method too, I can feel my poor sad face slurping it up. If you're debating buying it, I'd have a look on eBay where you can get 30ml bottles for very little money and try it out. But even the full size bottles aren't too spendy. Absolutely one of my top 10 products."

While another Amazon calls it, "The BEST toner I've ever used." They continue to rave that it is "so moisturizing, and it makes my skin feel super smooth the next day. This has truly made my skin better and I would recommend this to anyone. You can also use this as a mask if you use it with cotton puffs and it's great!! I tried other hadalabo lines (ie. Whitening line), and this is superior in terms of moisturizing. I will buy this again!"

So if you're looking to keep your skin get your feet wet (well in this case, your face) in the J-beauty trend, you definitely want to start with this tried and true product.

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