Slang is a huge part of any place and culture. It's informal, it's used daily, and it lets you know in the most subtle way that you're part of a group... and if you aren't. While Canadians so have some pretty universal slag words, there are also differences from province to province, and on some occasions from cities to cities.

One Reddit userNovaBrunswick, took the time to upload a slang map of Canada showing the differences in speech from across the country. From terms like bunny hug, bismark and skookum - each province in Canada was given a word most commonly used within that geographic area.

And while there are many who might agree with the word choices used to highlight each province, there were many Reddit users who did not agree with the terms selected.

Proving that there's so much more to local slang than just geographics.

If you think the map got it wrong for your province, let us know what slag word best represents your area.

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