What makes for a good political leader? The first things that come to mind are probably killer speaking skills, confidence, charisma and a pricy education.

But according to this map of Canada, most of Canada's political leaders majored in some diverse (*read: interesting*) areas of study.

Using statistics on Canada's MP leaders from Stats Canadaone data-loving Twitter user created this colour-coded map to illustrate which post-secondary degrees the MPs from each province graduated with.

Organizing degrees by five main categories (Business/Finance, Medical, STEM, Legal, and the Arts), the map shows that an overwhelming number of Canada's MPs majored with degrees in the arts, including subject areas like Political Science, the Humanities and Languages.

And although this isn't terribly surprising, as some of the major aspects about politics are covered by most Arts' degrees, Quebec's situation is notably different than the rest of the country.

According to the collected data, most of the province's MPs graduated with legal degrees, which kind of makes sense since the province's best-known university (McGill) has the oldest law school in Canada and includes alumni like the most important Canadian leader of all, PM Justin Trudeau.

via @mcgillu

Meanwhile, most of Ontario's MPs graduated with degrees unknown or no degree at all, as much of the Ontario map is populated by either light or dark grey.

As for Toronto MPs, a large number graduated with degrees that fell under the Legal or STEM subject areas ("STEM" stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, in case you're not a left brain person and haven't opened a science textbook since elementary school).

It is surprising, however, to see how few MPs graduated with degrees in business or finance. But we're sure Trudeau would be happy to see just how diverse the MPs of Canada are, at least when it comes to their educational backgrounds.

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