Skincare has been taking over the beauty market, specifically extensive skincare routines. With K-beauty more popular than ever, these 10 step routines that are popping up everywhere online can be intimidating and unrealistic for busy people, or anybody who just isn't down to spend that much time on their skin.

Though at the end of the day whether you are down to do 10 steps or not, everybody wants perfect skin- luckily there is a new product on the market that could be your saving grace. 

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The product is a pressed serum and trust me when I say this stuff with change your life. If you are new to the skincare game, serums range from a ton of different types and are completely customizable depending on what you are looking for. There are anti-aging serums, under eye serums, moisturizing serums etc. 

Usually, serums are liquids but the new pressed serums on the market prove to give the same (in some cases even better) results that you would get from standard serums, without having to go through any more extra steps. Even more great news is that there are a ton of pressed serums on the markets to try out:


Via Glow Recipe

So, if you are looking to expand your routine past just washing your face and applying a moisturizer, this is definitely a sound investment. Especially considering it's a quick addition to your routine that offers insanely beneficial effects to your skin. Since the serums are so potent, you'll find yourself sporting smoother, more radiant and an overall happier complexion! 

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