Balenciaga, known worldwide for transforming "ugly" designs into couture fashion,  is getting tons of attention today for their latest piece - the "double shirt." Arguably even more tragic than their platform Crocs

For just $1,879 CAD - the price of a brand new MacBook laptop - you can buy a men's short sleeve crewneck with a long sleeve button-up sewn on top of it. For no specific purpose, other than to make everyone go "WTF?" Both the crewneck and the button-up stay true to the Balenciaga brand - "ugly" and expensive. 


There's an even pricier version, perfect for those dress-to-impress occasions. This one retails for $2,105 and features a button-up short sleeve collared shirt with a sewn-in long sleeve as the front panel design. In the photo, the model rocks the short sleeves while the long sleeves dangle awkwardly in the front. 

Balenciaga's website describes the garment as "striped short sleeves and long sleeves shirts with two wearing options." If it gets chilly, maybe you can even tie the long sleeves around your neck as a scarf! 


Balenciaga unveiled the men's "double shirt" only recently, and it's already getting blasted on social media. One user even created his own version of the shirt, which kind of puts the luxury one to shame!

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