We've gone through contouring, thick brows, overlining lips and highlighting but this new makeup trend definitely takes the cake for having the weirdest name. 

It's called lobe strobing, yea.. lobe strobing. The term was coined by 19 year old Hawaiian beauty youtuber Bretman Rock in one of his tutorials and since then he has been heavily advocating for the extra step in your makeup routine. 

via @bretmanrock

The trend itself is super easy, all you have to do is just highlight your ears! Apparently the youtuber swears by this because it balances out the highlighter you have on your cheekbones, nose and inner corner. It also looks bomb in photos. 

So how do you do it exactly? Makeup artists have agreed that theres no limit to how much you can put on your ears if you want a serious glow. If you want to start off slow though, a big of highlighter on the tops of your ears is a great way to start! 

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