Although 2017 has become increasingly more focused on body positivity, one cannot hide that body shaming is definitely still prevalent, and unfortunately is surely to continue. While people allow themselves to comment on others with different shapes and sizes, what's more shameful is that people think they are entitled to dictate what other silhouettes can and cannot wear.

Loey Lane, a beauty and plus-size fashion Youtuber with over 1.2 million subscribers on her Youtube account, got tired of being told what plus-size women can and cannot wear...thus, this video:

Loey begins the video with the greatest sarcasm ever: "If you're starting out this video thinking, can't I just wear whatever I want? No. Why would you do that? Why would anyone just wear what makes them confident and happy and not think about how other feel about the garments that they're putting on their own bodies?"

She continues her video by explaining that summer fashion is not only reserved for thin people, and it's really quite refreshing to listen to.

These are the 5 main points of the video:

Via @loeybug

Via @gabifresh

1. Plus-size girls can wear crop tops.

That's why they sell them in plus-sizes...duh. The little bit of skin showing around the tummy should not shock you, and there is most definitely a way for women of all shapes and sizes to rock a crop top.

Via @loeybug

2. And yes, plus-size women can also rock shorts.

She says with sarcasm: "You are completely expected to spend the entire summer in full-length leggings and/or jeans. I mean you can still look cute. It's still nice to wear a turtle neck and leggings, and maybe something over the leggings too just so you're not showing like any signs of cellulite..."

Via @loeybug

3. Plus-size women are allowed to wear whatever the f they want, even when working out.

Sweet Loey has been told, "Don't you think you need to hit the gym a few more times before you wear that out in public?" 


via @theashleygraham

4. Plus-size women can show off their feminine curves and wear tight clothes.

She sarcasitcally remarks that if you don't know what to wear, and you don't know how to dress your figure, just "wear a brown sack".

5. Whether you're an XXS or an XXL, people should wear whatever swimsuit they want.

Now this is addressed to everyone, because apparently if you're wearing a bikini as a plus-size person, you're out of your mind, and if you're wearing a bikini as the most fit person ever, you're asking for it. No matter what size you are, you can't seem to wear whatever you wan't because there will always be some kind of body shaming attached to it. 

So in conclusion, Loey's ultimate style guide is that no matter what your weight, your shape, your shape, you should wear whatever makes you happy and confident. Your happiness and your confidence is what is most important because that is what is beautiful.

In my opinion, Loey's video is one of the greatest clapbacks to society. Ever. 👏

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