A food shop in Moscow has been spotted selling "authentic" Canadian cuisine. Their menu offers items like maple syrup covered pancakes, Canada Dry Gingerale, and of course their signature item, poutine. 

The Poutinerie serves up their poutine made with almost all the classics, except one key ingredient. While they have fries and gravy, it seems that cheese curds are hard to come by in Russia. 

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As a substitute the shop tops their poutine with a Georgian (the country, not the state) cheese called sulguni. Also known as pickled cheese, sulguni has a sour, salty taste and elastic consistency. 

Unlike the cheese curd, which has a rubber consistency earning it the nickname squeaky cheese and a mild taste, sulguni is said to have an interesting briny taste and an ordour. 

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While many people seem to not be a fan of the salty cheese on it's own, according to one of the Canadian patrons of the shop, the owner has worked hard to change up the cheese to be a close approximation of a classic curd. 

Their knock-off cheese curd may not be an exact replica of the squeaky cheese we have come to love in Canada, but people are saying it's impressive given what they were working with. 

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The Poutinerie is really embracing their Canadian Cuisine by branding everything from their signs and logos to even the garbage cans out front with red maple leafs. 

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