TV shows like Suits, Gilmore Girls and Schitt's Creek, Lifetime movies like Her Husband’s Betrayal, and even Hollywood blockbusters like Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively's newest movie A Simple Favor all have one thing in common. It's not an actor, director, or even the crew- nope it's their filming location.

If you've wondered where the magical and mythical little town of Stars Hollow was shot, or those cobblestoned streets in Suits, well you'd be surprised to learn it was in a small town just north of Toronto. And no, not hours and hours outside of the city, but on Main Street Unionville, a short 30 minute drive up the DVP.

A historical suburban community tucked inside of Markham, it's a hidden gem that you might never stumble on if someone doesn't let you in on the secret. With its lantern lit streets and boutique shops it's easy to see why many film studios have fallen in love with the whimsical downtown area.

Via Unionville Main Street

Below are a few images from Suits' season two, episode Normandy, where Harvey and his rival/ love interest Scotty are supposed to be strolling through Manhattan. However, if you notice the background, you'll see that it matches the same area of  Unionville that the picture above showcases.

Via Suits

Via Suits

And if you binge watch the Gilmore Girls season one religiously, you might have already noticed that the iconic town of Stars Hollow looks a lot like Main Street Unionville and that's because they used the tiny town as their set before they had one made on the Warner Brothers lot.

Via imdb

Via Netflix

Via Netflix

Via wikimedia

Finally, the Main Street Unionville Facebook page had all the receipts when the cast and crew of Schitt's Creek rolled into town to film the "Blouse Barn" scenes at Main Street Unionville's Kriss Fashion boutique.

And the town doesn't just film well, it's actually home to a rich community that make Stars Hollow look like it jumped out of your TV and into real life. For more info on Unionville you can check out their town website here. And to learn a little more about what's filmed in the area, go here.

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