Over the past few days, the halt of gas production at key refineries in the States due to Hurricane Harvey has caused a major spike in Canadian gas prices, with some areas experiencing increases of over 11 cents per litre. Experts say that prices could continue to climb all month, with no clear resolution by the end of September.

A strategic way to deal with the gas price hikes is to identify which stations in your area offers the lowest prices. GasBuddy is a website that crowdsources the gas prices across various cities and displays them on the map. Users can see which stations offer the lowest prices, as well as the average gas price in their area.

Here's an example of the information provided for Toronto, as of Sept 6, 2017 at 11:10 am:

The website also has other useful features, including a trip calculator, price charts, and fuel insights

Check for gas prices in your city on Gas Buddy here.

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