Tourism is an important part of every country's survival. The employment of successful marketing strategies is a critical part in optimizing a country's appeal to travellers. And it's not only photos and descriptions that matter - every detail, down to the all-encompassing slogan, is vital.

Family Break Finder, a holiday deals website, created a map that displayed the tourism slogans of every country in the world, minus 38 that currently do not have one. If there's one thing we can learn from the map, it's that some countries definitely try harder to market themselves than others...

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Here are some countries whose slogans are pretty on point:

Canada - Keep exploring

United States - All within your reach

Belize - A Curious Place

The Bahamas - Life is grand

Japan - Endless discovery

Philippines - It's more fun in the Philippines

Maldives - The sunny side of life

Mongolia - Go Nomadic

Wales - #FindYourEpic

Botswana - Our pride, your destination

Nambia - Endless horizons

Uganda - You're welcome (can we give this one 5 stars?)

Qatar - Where dreams come to life

Ukraine - It's all about U

Bahrain - Ours. Yours. Bahrain.

Brunei - A kingdom of unexpected treasures

Solomon Islands - Seek the unexplored

Fiji - Where happiness finds you

New Zealand - 100% Pure

Papua New Guinea - A million different journeys

And here are some countries whose slogans could, well, use a bit of work:

Honduras - Everything is here

Nicaragua - Unica. Original!

Haiti - Experience it!

Venezuela - Venezuela is your destination!

Suriname - A colorful experience... Exotic beyond words

Brazil - Brasil - sensational!

Uruguay - Uruguay natural

Chile - All are welcome

Bolivia - Bolivia awaits you

Armenia - Visit Armenia, it is beautiful

Turkey - Be our guest

Bhutan - Happiness is a place

Portugal - Europe's West Coast

Slovakia - Travel in Slovakia - Good idea

Jordan - Yes, it's Jordan

Iraq - You Are Invited

Morocco - Much mor

China - China like never before

Hungary - Think Hungary more than expected

Uzbekistan - Naturally irresistible! 

Which ones were your favourites?

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