If it's one thing people love, it's free stuff. Especially in a time where everything just seems to be getting more and more expensive - free is the best deal you'll find! That's why when Tim Horton's launched their  social media contest that awards the winner with 1 year of free lunches we're sure they thought it was a foolproof marketing plan. 

They made it super easy! No purchase is necessary in order to enter or win, it's a contest limited to Canadians only, and all you need to do to enter is take a photo/ video of you enjoying Tim Horton's breakfast with a timestamp, upload it using the hashtag plus #contest, and tag Tim Horton's on social media.

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Obviously with a contest that simple, you'd assume that the hashtag would be swamped with entries of people stoked to win free food for a year - but there's where you'd be wrong. 

Some Canadians definitely did take the time to use the hashtag, but I don't think it's what Tim Horton's was banking on when they launched the contest. Instead of a feed filled with happy selfies of people holding Tim Hortons branded drinks and food - it's actually turned into a space for patrons to complain about their breakfast experience or just Tim Horton's as a whole. 

And when you check out the Instagram hashtag, it's equally as drab. The feed only touts 21 posts total since the contest has been live (July 25, 2018 at 12:00:00 AM Eastern Standard Time). The first photo is of a couple who doesn't even have a Tim Hortons local to them! 

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Of the 21 images posted to the content hangtag, 5 of them are reposts of the content images from other outlets and a few are images that just don't even qualify under the contest rules. 

Via timsbreakfastanytime

We do have to wonder, have things gotten so bad for Tim Horton's that they can't even give their food away for free?

From the looks of this contest, Canadians have spoken and it seems like Tims is not making the cut. Whether it be that they're being shunned, or that people have just not seen the content, we can say that an official page is definitely not getting the traffic on it that they likely expected. 

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In short, if you want to win a year of free lunches, you know what to do, and the odds are in your favour since you will not have too much competition! The contest runs till August 17th and the winner will be picked on August 22. 


Adapted by: Izabelle Bee - Narcity Quebec 

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