You know that alarming new trend where teens are eating Tide Pods for some weird, sick viral satisfaction? Well, it's not over yet. 

Apparently people are now seeing the trend hit our national coffee shop. 

Posting a picture on Reddit Canada of these Vanilla Dip donuts, user devdevo1919 wrote: “I saw these at the local Tim Hortons. Look familiar?”

I saw this at the local Tim Horton’s. Look familiar? from r/canada

Reddit users are likening Timmie's use of orange, white, and blue sprinkles to the Tide Pods kids have been biting into. The laundry detergent packs do come in a variety of colours, but if you've been following the Tide Pod Challenge, you'll know the pods that have made headlines come in the traditional white, blue, and, orange.

The likeness is probably just a coincidence and not an actual nod from Tim Hortons, but that hasn't stopped other bakers from responding to the dangerous challenge with sweet and savoury irreverence.

Just look at these edible Tide Pod treats:

Maybe it's time to put this whole Tide Pod challenge to rest, yeah?

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