Young people - we are the future, and the ones in Canada are building an awesome one! Entrepreneurship is super popular right now, and why not? You get to be and build whatever you want and have your dream job! The young people here are making dope businesses with sexy Instagram accounts. They make Canada look amazing and take branding to a whole new level.

We have everything from dope local businesses making our cities cool and trendy to new online businesses taking advantage of technology. We have things like beautiful salons, tattoo parlours, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, clothing companies, stores, products, websites, apps, festivals, record labels, video producers, photographers, designers, and so much more. We're stacked with talent.

Instagram can literally be your business now. You need to be on Instagram and these entrepreneurs definitely know that. You got to get it on the gram! So show these hard working hustler's in Canada some love. Check out these Top 50 Young Canadian Entrepreneurs On Instagram.



British Columbia




Nova Scotia

New Brunswick

Newfloundland & Labrador

Prince Edward Island

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Matty Matheson // @mattymatheson

via @mattymatheson

Where: Toronto

Business: Parts & Labour

Type: Restaurant

Yanal Dhailieh // @therealyd

via @therealyd

Where: Toronto

Business: The Peace Collective

Type: Clothing

Maayan Ziv // @maayanziv_

via @maayanziv_

Where: Toronto

Business: AccessNow

Type: App

Melody Hansen // @maayanziv_

via @themelodyh

Where: Toronto

Business: Because, Honestly

Type: Graphic Design

Nicole Verkindt // @nicoleverkindt

via @nicoleverkindt

Where: Toronto

Business: OMX

Type: Tech

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Mikael Cho // @mikaelcho

via @mikaelcho

Where: Montreal

Business: Unsplash

Type: Tech

Ashlinn Cassidy // @ashalina_mtl

via @ashalina_mtl

Where: Montreal

Business: Barbarella

Type: Spa

Harley Morenstein // @harleyplays

via @harleyplays

Where: Montreal (Now based in Toronto)

Business: Epic Meal Time

Type: Entertainment

Olivier Primeau // @olivierprimeaubc

via @olivierprimeaubc

Where: Montreal

Business: Beachclub

Type: Club

Oliver Kult // @oliverkult

via @oliverkult

Where: Montreal

Business: Maison Privée

Type: Barber

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Andrea Graham // @librarianmusic

via @librarianmusic

Where: Squamish

Business: Bass Coast

Type: Festival

Leanne Pelosi // @leannepelosi

via @leannepelosi

Where: Whistler

Business: Runway Films

Type: Snowboarding

Mike Darlington // @darlington

via @darlington

Where: Vancouver

Business: Monstercat

Type: Record Label

Max Jenke // @maxjenke

via @maxjenke

Where: Vancouver

Business: Endeavor

Type: Snowboards

Jillian Harris // @jillian.harris

via @jillian.harris

Where: Kelowna

Business: Jillian Harris

Type: Design

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Isis Graham // @isisgraham

via @isisgraham

Where: Calgary

Business: Alberta Electronic Music Conference

Type: Festival

Amanda Hamilton // @amandamhamilton

via @amandamhamilton

Where: Calgary

Business: The Loft

Type: Interior Design

Kendall Barber // @kendalljbarber

via @kendalljbarber

Where: Edmonton

Business: Poppy Barley

Type: Shoe Store

Smalltown DJs // @mattymatheson

via @smalltowndjs

Where: Calgary

Business: Hifi Club

Type: Club

Mitch Lee // @mitchlee

via @mitchlee

Where: Calgary

Business: Beat Drop

Type: Music School

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Jenna Rae + Ashley Nicole // @jennaraecakes

via @jennaraecakes

Where: Winnipeg

Business: Jenna Rae Cakes

Type: Bakery

Adrian Kinnavanthong // @ordnryadrian

via @ordnryadrian

Where: Winnipeg

Business: Ordnry

Type: Clothing

Scott Ramos // @famos

via @famos

Where: Winnipeg

Business: Saint

Type: Barber

Joseph Visser // @josephvisser

via @josephvisser

Where: Winnipeg

Business: From Here & Away

Type: Photography

Amber Joy // @airbyamberjoy

via @hairbyamberjoy

Where: Winnipeg

Business: Amber Joy & Co

Type: Salon

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Maile Crowe // @mailecrowe

via @mailecrowe

Where: Saskatoon

Business: Thrive Juice Co.

Type: Shop

Alisha Esmail // @alishaesmail

via @alishaesmail

Where: Saskatoon

Business: Road Coffee Co.

Type: Coffee

Jordan Ethridge // @lejordan

via @lejordan

Where: Saskatoon

Business: Fable Ice Cream

Type: Shop

Kaesha Kastning // @hairbykaesha.saffyresalon

via @hairbykaesha.saffyresalon

Where: Regina

Business: Saffyre

Type: Salon

Tyler Maurice // @hairguy_ty

via @hairguy_ty

Where: Regina

Business: Tyler Maurice Hair Design

Type: Salon

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Alex MacLean // @alexmaclean

via @alexmaclean

Where: Halifax

Business: East Coast Lifestyle

Type: Clothing

Alexa Cude // @seriouslyalexa

via @seriouslyalexa

Where: Halifax


Type: Photographer

James Gaudet // @jami.jk

via @jami.jk

Where: Halifax

Business: James Gaudet Designs

Type: Graphic Design

Kristen Allison // @kristendoublea

via @kristendoublea

Where: Halifax

Business: Accomplice Content Supply Co

Type: Video

Lindsay McMullen // @lindsaymcmullen

via @lindsaymcmullen

Where: Halifax


Type: Design

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Sawyer Hannay // @sawyerhannay

via @sawyerhannay

Where: Fredericton

Business: Country Liberty

Type: Clothing

Marie-Hélène Morell // @mhcreatedhere

via @mhcreatedhere

Where: Saint John

Business: CreatedHere

Type: Magazine

Allie Beckwith // @alliebeckwith

via @alliebeckwith

Where: Saint John

Business: Aka Decor

Type: Products

Crystal Richard // @crystal_catherine

via @crystal_catherine

Where: New Brunswick

Business: Sandy Toes Shop

Type: E-commerce

André Audet // @andreaudet

via @andreaudet

Where: Moncton


Type: Photography

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Sailor Danny // @sailordannys_art

via @sailordannys_art

Where: St. Johns

Business: Sailor Danny's Art

Type: Art

Travis Jones // @tjonestattoo

via @tjonestattoo

Where: St. John's

Business: Skin City Tattoo

Type: Shop

Mike Kearney // @karnival_tattoo

via @karnival_tattoo

Where: Gander

Business: Karnival Tattoo

Type: Shop

Darren Clarke // @dkclarke

via @dkclarke

Where: St. John's

Business: Best Kind Hiking Tours

Type: Travel

Sean Gorman // @seangormanbuilds

via @seangormanbuilds

Where: St. John's

Business: Sean Gorman Builds

Type: Wood Working

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Caley Aylward // @caleyjoyphotography

via @caleyjoyphotography

Where: PEI

Business: Caley Joy Photography

Type: Photography

Jeremy Vessey // @jeremyvessey

via @jeremyvessey

Where: Charlottetown

Business: Hustle Supply Co.

Type: Graphic Designer

Tara Taylor // @tayloredbeautypei

via @tayloredbeautypei

Where: PEI

Business: Taylored Beauty

Type: Makeup Artist

Eric Creed // @ericsvisuals

via @ericsvisuals

Where: PEI

Business: Eric Visuals

Type: Photographer

Diane & Rishi // @letterboardcompany

via @letterboardcompany

Where: PEI

Business: Letter Board Company

Type: Product

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