Celebrities. They make life worth living. And knowing that someone who you think is the shit is from your home town makes you feel a little more badass. Like, maybe their fame and glory will rub off on you. If it does, you might end up on a list like this some day. Until then, let's just bask in the glory of these Torontonian stars.


Born and raised in Toronto, Drake is who most people think of when they hear our city's name. He coined "the 6," and we love him for it.

Mike Myers

Is there anyone who doesn't have memories of reenacting scenes from Wayne's World and Austin Powers with their friends? I know it's not just me. Mike is an awesome Torontonian.


You've rocked out to his jams until your ears bled at clubs more times than you can count. He puts T.O. on the House map.

Will Arnett

That's right, Gob Bluth is from Toronto. He's part of the epic list of Torontonians who make the world laugh on the daily.


Every time you hear her music playing at some hipster cafe, or on the soundtrack of that hot new indie movie, remember that this girl bleeds blue.


Another Toronto fave. Metric have been around reppin' our city for years, and we hope they won't stop any time soon.

Keanu Reeves

With his brooding gaze and sultry voice, who doesn't love this Toronto boy next door? Show some Toronto pride by rewatching the Matrix tonight.

The Weeknd

The Weeknd kills when he performs abroad, but he brings out his best chops for his home city, because he knows we love him best.

Stephen Amell

Stephen makes Arrow a ridiculously fun show to watch, even with the sound off. Two words: Shirtless. Pull-ups.

Ed Mirvish

Who hasn't wandered through Honest Ed's on a slow afternoon and gawked at all the weird and wacky stuff that lines its halls? We can thank Ed Mirvish for that classic Torontonian institution, and although it won't be around for much longer, no one from this city will forget it any time soon.

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