Being Canadian is great. We've got a stellar national healthcare plan, a great diversity of individuals from all over the world and essentially endless poutine.

That being said, we Canadians are often subject to particular stereotypes; especially at the hands of our American neighbours. Sometimes the stereotypes are so outrageous that you wouldn't even think Americans are just south of the border to us. Here are some ridiculous ideas Americans have about Canadians:

1. "Eh" is our favourite word.

We can't help it.

2. We put maple syrup on everything.

No, that'd be gross.

3. It's forever snowing in Canada.

Um, we have seasons... (I mean, unless you live in the Arctic.)

4. We live in igloos.

And apparently take polar bears and narwhals to school.

5. We hunt our own food.

And only eat caribou, arctic hares and wooly mammoths.

6. We're all nice.

We just like to apologize a lot, okay?

7. We all prefer Tim Hortons.

Only when it's more convenient than Starbucks.

8. We're all fluent in French.

Actually, most of us stopped taking French after Grade 9.

9. We don't live in a "real" country.

Having a vast multiculturalism is as real as a country could get!

10. We've all played hockey at some point in our lives.

Uh, I've never touched a hockey stick before.

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