You'll most likely hear and see things in university or college that will seem unbelievable. Whether you're in your freshmen year or you're an alumni, there are particular stories everyone eventually becomes familiar with as soon as they become a student.

Did any crazy encounters or situations happen that you're aware of in your university? Perhaps it's on this list. If not, feel free to contribute your story in the comments section!

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1. Bishop's University // Frozen Jeep

In February 2013, a student's jeep froze in the middle of a residential parking lot. The jeep iced up after a flash-food of the Massawippi river and the students had to be rescued by the fire department on float boats.

2. University of Western Ontario // Saugeen Stripper

The story of the "Saugeen Stripper" is known to many Mustangs, to current students and alums of Western University. In 2005, an 18 year old female decided to perform strip teases and lap dances in dorm rooms to freshmen guys. Her naughty acts were caught on camera, posted on the internet and went viral. Embarrassing much?

3. Bishop's University // Student waterskiing flooded streets.

Rising flood waters are imminent in Lennoxville and students hope for them every year (of course only so exams are cancelled.)Since the natural disaster occurs so often, students are prepared to commute in float boats, but in April 2014, one particular student decided to have some extra fun and attached his skis to a motor boat and skied across the flooded residential streets.

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4.  York University // Secret underground tunnel

York's mystery underground 10 metres long and six feet high tunnel was found in January, 2015. The tunnel was hidden by planks of wood, but with removal a downward leading staircase was discovered. A couple of months later, police revealed that the tunnel was built as a "man cave", used for personal reasons... Hmm I wonder what those "reasons" may be?

5. Brock University //  Harlem Shake

In February 2013, the #harlemshake dance fad was trending all over social media. Many schools and organizations took part in this craze, but 2,000 Brock students took it to a different level and caused over $5,000 worth of damages.

via @universityofbc

6. University of British Columbia // Bomb threat

On January 30th 2008, the UBC campus security received an email that targeted the Biological Sciences building with a bomb threat. Eventually, the story came to surface and a student was charged with counts of mischief and uttering threats. A year an a half later, The Ubyssey released an apology letter written by the student:

“My name is Hwi Lee. With guilt and shame, I truly would like to apologize for causing a great public disturbance and distress to all students, faculties and staff at UBC. I am terribly sorry that my actions made so many people feel uneasy and scary at a place where a safe learning environment is to be taken for granted.”

He then explained that his irrational move was provoked by his fear for public speaking and to avoid giving an oral presentation. 

7.  University of Western Ontario // Porn video

A porn video was shot at 3 Audrey Ave (between Huron and Broughdale). College Invasion # 4 was filmed in 2011, featuring a then unknown, but now famous Eva Angelina. 3 Audrey is clearly visible in parts 2 and 6 of the video and you could totally tell it's a college house based on how clean it is... If you're interested enough, you could still find the video online...

8. University of Waterloo // 12 year old student

Cendikiawan (Diki) Suryaatmadja is the the youngest student enrolled in a university program in the history of southern Ontario university's. The 12 year old is currently working towards his honours in physics at Waterloo. The Indonesian native got accepted for his strong application, strong capabilities and even received a scholarship.

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9. Queen's University // Flaming police car.

Queens Homecoming 2005 will be marked in the books forever. A police cruiser was flipped over, lit on fire and over 50 people were arrested. School officials were seriously debating about cancelling the annual event because of the shenanigans happening on Aberdeen Street.

10. Wilfred Laurier University // Students willingly give kegs to police.

Waterloo police raided a house party and confiscated 6 kegs from the home owners. Instead of being livid and drunkenly complaining about loosing their kegs, the students helped the officers load them in the police vehicle.

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