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Break ups are the absolute worst, and it really doesn't matter if you're the dumper or the dumpee (okay, I guess being the dumpee is worse, but they both suck). If you've got a break up planned for the near future, here are a few places you might want to make it happen, just to make things easier for both of you.


This strategy is two-pronged: Wonderland is always really crowded so you're safe from a potential scene, and there's plenty of opportunity to soften the blow. One trip on the Drop Zone should make your new ex forget all about the end of your relationship.

Dundas Square

Dundas Square is also always super crowded, which ensures that the person you're breaking up with can't get physical if that's something you're worried about. Another plus is that any potential for a fight will dissolve after 50 tourists in a row interrupt you to ask for directions.

The Hotbox at Roach-o-Rama

This one's a no-brainer- it's hard to care about anything when you're really, really stoned. Rent a vaporizer to get you both good and high, then lay it all out. Make sure to have lots of munchies on hand because comfort food is a must.

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Yorkdale Mall

Science fact: buying something new and cool makes everyone feel good. So your former beau will have the perfect opportunity to vent their frustration about your breakup on a new outfit, or some pimped out speakers.

Trinity Bellwoods on a Sunday

Despite what some PDA-ing couples seem to believe, Bellwoods is super crowded on Sundays (when the weather is nice, at least). This is a great place for you and your ex to get day drunk and reminisce together, without either of you being able to get too angry because of the crowd.

The corner of Yonge and Richmond

Everyone on Yonge and Richmond is rushing to be somewhere that is not Yonge and Richmond. That's the energy that's in the air there, so your ex is going to want your break-up conversation to wrap up as quickly as possible.

At Hey Lucy on a Tuesday night

Three words (actually, a symbol, a number, and a word): $5 wine.

At Toronto Pride

When everyone around you is celebrating freedom, how can you possibly be that upset about not being stuck in a shitty relationship anymore?

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At the Science Centre

I know this one sounds weird, but hear me out. After watching an epic, 3D movie about the universe at the iMax, your ex's perspective will have shifted. Who cares about your tiny little relationship when you're just two little monkeys on a rock flying through space at the corner of the universe? There's bigger things to worry about.

At the Toronto Humane Society

There is no way to feel sad when you're surrounded by kittens and puppies.

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