Toronto being North America's 4th largest city, provides the perfect environment and opportunity to set world records. Canadians gather from different parts of the country and from around the globe to set breaking-records in the 6ix.

Certain individuals hit records with talent, while others break them based on mass gatherings. For your own entertainment and knowledge, here's a list of 10 crazy world records that were broken in Toronto:

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1. Largest Ice Cream Cake

This vanilla sponge, Oreo crumbled ice cream cake weighed 22,333.6 lb, was measured 4.45 m long, 4.06 m wide and 1 m tall. The record was broken on May 10th 2011, by Dairy Queen Canada at Yonge and Dundas Square.

2. A Rubik's Cube solved one-handed in 12.56 sec.

The record for the fastest average time to solve a Rubik's cube one-handed was set by Antoine Cantin on April 26th 2014.

3. Largest Tequila Tasting Event

On September 19th 2013, 862 participants took part in a tequila tasting event organized by Tequila Tromba and Fonda Lola. This was the biggest tequila party in history!

4. The world's highest wine cellar.

The highest wine cellar is located at the the C.N TowerMore than 550 international wines stored 1,151 ft above ground in a cellar that is set to 13 degrees Celsius.

Photo cred - Crackineggco

5. Most eggs crushed with toes.

This record was beat by Andrew Younghusband on April 24th 2016 on the set of "Tougher Than It Looks." Andrew crushed 40 eggs in 30 seconds with his toes.

6. World's oldest Drag Queen

Russell Aldread, also known by his stage name Michelle DuBarry is the world's eldest active drag queen performer. Aldread was born on November 23rd 1931 and has been performing  since since 1950.

7. Quickest trip on a pogo stick up to the C.N Tower.

Ashrita Furman still holds the records for the fastest travel time to hop on a pogo stick up the C.N TOwer. 1,899 steps of the CN Tower were completed in 57 min 51 sec on 23 July 1999.

8. Trudeau was the first Prime Minister to march the Pride Parade.

In July 2016, Justin Trudeau was the first active Prime Minister to march the streets of Toronto during the Pride Parade.

9. Most beers bottles opened with a chainsaw.

On 25 April 2016, Andrew Younghusband set another record on Toronto soil. He opened 23 beer bottles in 1 minute.

Photo cred -@lauren_fontana

10. Most pedicures given in 1 hour.

In 8 hours is 1,083 pedicures were given by a team of Amopé pedicurists on 10 June 2015.


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