Toronto is sure to see a lot of significant changes in 2017. Some of them seem promising for the city, while others may be controversial to some degree.

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Below are 10 changes coming to Toronto this year. What do you make of them?

Note: Some of the following are provincial laws that also apply to the rest of Ontario.

1. Ontario Place is making its grand return

In celebration of Canada's 150th birthday, the iconic park is slated to return on July 1, 2017. It will feature a new park and trail, dedicated concert spaces, and much more.

2. Clove cigarettes and most menthol tobacco products are to be banned

The Smoke-Free Ontario act has been updated to include menthol cigarettes in a ban from sale.

3. TTC fares be increased

Tokens, adult tickets and cash fares for students and seniors will be 10 cents more expensive.

4. Calorie counts to be listed on restaurant menus

Restaurant chains with at least 20 locations in the province are legally required to post calorie counts on their menus.

5. Tax changes could help with hydro bills

A new provincial law will grant an 8% rebate on rising hydro bills.

6. The York-Spadina subway expansion will finally be completed

This will add six extra stops leading to Vaughan, which will be accessible in December. The new Downsview Park station was revealed earlier this week.

7. A massive undertaking to build a new shopping complex will commence at East Harbour

The new plans include developments for office spaces, stores and restaurants that will take up 2 million square feet of retail space in total, making it significantly larger than Yorkdale or Eaton Centre.

8. More red light cameras are to be installed at intersections across the city

The number of red light cameras is set to double by April. The current fine for running a red light is set at $325.

9. Gasoline will become more expensive as a result of an effort to reduce carbon emissions

A new provincial cap-and-trade program will drive gas prices up by 4.3 cents per litre.

10. The police practice of carding will be banned

Police are no longer allowed to stop and document people not suspected of a crime. They are required to let those they stop know of their right to walk away, and provide a receipt of the interaction.

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