To say that a restaurant is "the best" is hard. Everyone's tastes are different and someone person's answer could greatly vary from someone else's.  So instead of just saying THESE restaurants are the best based on no real explanation, the Narcity Toronto team has decided to tell you a little about our own personal "best" restaurants.
We're all different on the Narcity team. While some of us are all about ambiance of a restaurant, others just care about really, really good food. Check out our list of hand picked Toronto restaurants that we all love:

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Hanmoto // 2 Lakeview Ave

"Hanmoto is a super small and cozy spot with the most delicious Japanese izakaya I've ever had. As a Montrealer, I am a BIG fan of Kazu, in Downtown Montreal, but Hanmoto puts it to shame; this is definitely my new go-to Japanese spot. Try the salmon aburi! "    - Laurie (Content Manager, Narcity Media)

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 Nimman Thai Cuisine // 2451 Lake Shore Blvd W

"This place has easily the best Thai food I've ever had, and my go-to comfort food. I'm a huge fan of their shrimp pad thai and hot and sour soup! They are also located right by the lake, which makes for a pretty nice view as well."   -Sara (Videographer, Narcity Toronto)

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DaiLo // 503 College St

"DaiLo has amazing food that is innovative, reasonably priced and, of course, delicious. Asian-fusion executed superbly. Think French brassarie meets dim-sum." - Eul (Head Writer, Narcity Toronto)

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Insomnia //563 Bloor St W

"I am a big fan of Southern comfort food and Insomnia always hits the spot for me. Their chicken and waffles are in a league of their own and they have a stellar cocktail selection. They are also located right in the middle of the trendy Annex and have a bustling, urban vibe inside to match its outside."   -Brooklyn (Contributor, Narcity Toronto)

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Tabule // Multiple Locations

"I'm a big fan of Tabule, it's got awesome middle eastern food. The falafels are literally bomb and I'm pretty sure their hummus is what dreams are made of. I usually do take out/delivery but the ambience inside seems really nice! They have two locations too, one a Yonge and Davisville and then one on Queen St. West"  - Kate(Contributor, Narcity Toronto) 

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Emma's Country Kitchen // 810 St. Claire W

"Emma's Country Kitchen has the best brunch menu in Toronto!!! Sooooo good. Plus they have baked goods and frozen food so even if you can't get a table you won't walk out empty handed."  -Brittany (Content Manager, Narcity Prairies)



Los Colibris // 220 King St W

"As Mexican cuisine is one of my favourites, Los Colibris is a top choice for me in Toronto! It's super chic and has a very welcoming atmosphere. Their ceviches are absolutely delicious, their tequila list is extensive, and they offer A+ friendly service." - Nicole (Writer, Narcity Toronto)

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Riverdale Perk // 633 Logan Ave

"This cafe is the East End’s hidden gem! It has a charming neighbourhood feel and their sandwiches are some of the best in the city." - Charlotte (Contributor, Narcity Toronto)

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Buca // Multiple Locations

"It's so hard to pick just one favourite restaurant, but Buca makes it a little bit easier. Amazing Italian cuisine with a sophisticated and chic vibe. Perfect for a special occasion like a date or a birthday celebration. Try their tasting menu if you really want to ball out!"  - Maria (Content Manager, Narcity Toronto) 

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Chako // 2190 McNicoll Ave

"I really like Chako, an all-you-can-eat KBBQ spot in Scarborough. The dining area is sleek and modern, and they have a variety of meats you can cook over the grill, although grilled pineapple is probably one of my favourite options - so deliciously sweet! Go for the late night menu to get the most bang for your buck". - Christina (Intern, Narcity Toronto)

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